Where did my arrows go?

Quick hitter on this one.  I pushed some reports to the Power BI Service lately and noticed that suddenly I didn’t have the ability to drill down into my matrix visualizations.  I could right click a row in the visualization and get the option to drill down but I am used to being able to hover over and see the following arrows pop up:

It’s a quick easy fix to get these back.  Once you have the March 2018 release of Power BI Desktop, you have the ability to turn off the visual header.  This means that while the report is in reading mode, the headers won’t appear when you mouse over the visualization.

Sure enough, when I went into the Reports Section of the workspace and checked the settings, I saw this:

Not sure how that got toggled on for my reports but since I had built a bunch of them from the same template, it’s easy to see how they all that setting applied.  Toggle that switch and its back to normal.

Simple fix.