Recruiters and Power BI

I am not sure why but I am suddenly getting a lot more unsolicited calls and emails from recruiters.  A good chunk of them are straight spam.  Anyone who would send me job postings for SharePoint (Its been four years since I supported it) or C# developer (12+ years since I did it for a living) obviously hasn’t spent more than 5 seconds with my actual resume.

I am always intrigued to see the Power BI ones that come through because for the most part, they still seem to be stock Microsoft Business Intelligence job descriptions from five years ago with the words ‘Power BI’ hastily scribbled at the bottom.

Power BI is a significantly different animal than the standard MS BI solutions that have been out there for decades now and it takes a special skill set to create really effective and powerful BI solutions.  The skill set and knowledge base are unique to this product so I thought I would take a stab at the top 5 skills that a  generic Power BI developer needs to know to be effective.

  1.   DAX
  2.   PowerQuery
  3.   Tabular Model Design
  4.   TSQL
  5.   Azure Technologies

Any thoughts on what skills are missing here?

3 thoughts on “Recruiters and Power BI”

  1. UX, viz, and front end design skills! There are now SO MANY great options for customizing interactivity and creating more efficient paths for users to get insights from PBI reports. I think that’s a pretty important piece too.

  2. Absolutely agree about model design! With DAX and Power Query close behind. I would add… Dataflows. Apps and Workspaces. Power BI Report Builder. Governance and Self-Service BI.

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