Copy Session Diagnostics to Clipboard

Another quick hitter on Power BI Diagnostics.

If you have your model open in Power BI Desktop, you can get a quick dump of all of your Power Query code by doing the following:

  1.  From the top ribbon, Choose ‘Help, then ‘About’

2.  This will launch a popup window.  Choose ‘Copy diagnostics to clipboard’.

3.  Open Notepad (or Word, or OneNote, etc.) and paste.  All of your PowerQuery M code will be included in the information that is copied.

4.  Note also that when you do this, you generate a ‘Frown Snapshot’ file in your diagnostic folder.  By default, this snaphshot will have some ASPerfCounter data and ‘FlightRecorderCurrent.trc’, which is your Power BI ‘black box’ recorder.

Nifty eh?

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