Let it go, let it go, can’t import any more!

Ran into this today.  For once I was being patient and didn’t kill Power BI in its tracks and start over but maybe I should have?

I was doing a full import of my customer’s data set (24+  million rows) and knowing it would take a while, I was doing my normal shiny-object hopping around the Power BI world on the internet.  Somewhere along the line, my import seemed to freeze and the rows imported stopped stopped increasing.

Since I live out in the East Texas Outback, you can bet that it took a while to get those 21 million rows that it got before it hung so I started the stages of grief about this import.

  • Shock
    • Whaaa?
  • Denial
    • This can’t be happening, it’s not happening!
  • Anger
    • Quick route here too btw, dang it Microsoft!
  • Bargaining
    • Ok, let me try killing off all these other processes.  Here computer, please, take more memory and CPU and make it work again, please!
  • Depression
    • This sucks man, I have lost so much time.  Why does this ALWAYS (I have a teenager, sorry) happen to me!  Pout, whine, complain.
  • Testing
    • Task manager says that its still pulling down data, it’s still churning away with the CPU.  Oh well, time to give up and hit cancel, wait, I can’t, it just made a noise like its got a window open somewhere (cue sinking feeling….).  Let me try ALT-TAB and see if there is a hidden notification window or something…….oh rats
    • .
  • Acceptance
    • Time to kill it and start over.

I am not exactly sure how I managed to fill up a drive but it was suspicious that Carbonite was working away in the background during all of this.  Wouldn’t surprise me if Carbonite locked the file that Power BI was trying to update, not sure.

My point is, always check for those hidden windows.  That could have saved me a big chunk of time.



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